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Rory Blyth from the PDC in LA

On Bill Gates' PDC keynote today in Los Angeles

"What really held my attention, though, was the guy. It was watching Bill Gates address a room full of nerds while I thought about how all these weird people came to this weird city just to learn more about the products being put out by the company he started. It must be a weird feeling to know that there are people in the audience who rented crappy cars in Las Vegas and drove at high rates of speed through narrow desert highways that are more like living museums than they are valid transportation routes, just to come and check things out.

"I mean, thousands of people all packed into this giant building just because Bill Gates wrote 'donkey.bas'.

"That's nuts."

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In The Crowd at The Safe


Birthday behind home plate on the last game of the season, and perhaps for Edgar. Thanks to Connie and Keith for the tix!

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

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