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These Are Historic Times

Victor Davis Hanson in National Review Online via Common Sense and Wonder.

We are fighting with tremendous skill, at a minimum loss of lives — and in the middle of an economic slump and a raucous campaign. But the paradox remains that the very rapidity of our victories abroad and the absence of another 9/11 at home have lulled far too many into thinking that Islamic fascism and Middle East totalitarianism can be eradicated in a few months, or that a complex society like postbellum Iraq should resemble a New England township five months after a war.

Ponder instead that in a summer long ago a similarly beleaguered Abraham Lincoln did not remove Grant. Nor did he lecture Sherman about the niceties of taking Atlanta or later veto his bold ideas about cutting loose through Georgia. He did not broker a deal with Mr. Frémont on his right nor did he listen to gabby George McClellan — or consider the Copperheads anything other than defeatists whose enticing policy of appeasement would only postpone but not end the killing. And he most certainly did not ask Canada or England to broker an honest peace, or to send peacekeepers along the Mason-Dixon line.

Instead, with a treasury that was almost broke, and an electorate that was exhausted, he pushed on through the gloom of summer and found his reward in autumn.

So will we — if we do the same and push our rock over the top.

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Live or Digital? The Bugler's Lips Are Sealed


It looks like a bugle. It sounds like a bugle—hauntingly enough to move a funeral mourner to compliment Glenn Hasheider on his rendition of taps last week at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery near St. Louis.
But what Mr. Hasheider did not have the heart to tell the mourner was this:
It's not a bugle, exactly.

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Yet Another Sobering List

Post-war deaths in Iraq.

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A Sobering List

Newsday.com - Official list of the victims of the World Trade Center attack

I've never seen these names in their entirety, and it is overwhelming.

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Random Personal Picture Finder

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper’s Test Pattern blog on MSNBC

“Ever walk down the street and find a photograph on the sidewalk? It’s a fun but rare benefit of urban life. If you’re not so lucky with the photo finding, check out the Random Personal Picture Finder, which searches common digital photograph names and shows you online photos taken by those who didn’t bother to rename their pics.”

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Warren Zevon, 56, dead after a long illness

MSNBC article

“If you’re lucky, people like something you do early and something you do just before you drop dead. That’s as many pats on the back as you should expect.” -- Warren Zevon, 1993

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